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Explore new opportunities! SFBayCareerMap provides valuable information about how to achieve your career goals, including where can get training that will help you successfully enter the occupational field of your choice. Once you have completed the following survey, SFBayCareerMap will match your personal interests with fitting community college programs and help you map out a career path for success.

Explore vocational and technical careers, check out the skills employers really want, find a trade school, research technical topics and take a look at the current job market within the :

Vocational Information Center. 12/05



The following are external links to resources which we believe will be of help to you in achieving your educational goals.

Listing of California Community College

This page contains links to web sites for all of the Community Colleges in California.


California Postsecondary Education Commission -- Useful Links

All California Colleges and Universities


Education and Career Related Web Sites


Educational Services-Career Development Partnerships

The Career Development Partnership Programs associated with the Career and Technical Education Unit provides a policy connection among a variety of state agencies, programs and functions. The unit focuses on educational partnership programs which build on pathways "from learning to earning" for all students. Activities of the unit include program coordination and advocacy, policy development and coordination with K-18 workforce preparation, and career / technical education systems.


State Center Consortium- Career Awareness, Career Pathways ...

To facilitate these activities the Consortium provides career awareness materials, educator/employer partnership training, curriculum integration training, resources for workplace learning, workshops and conferences.


Career Counseling - College & Career Planning (CA Dept of ...

Career counseling is part of a comprehensive counseling program. Career counseling assists students and adults in career planning and provides the foundation for acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable students to make a successful transition from school to the world of work.


ACVE - Career Pathways

The changing nature of workers, work, and the workplace means that information about them needs to be organized and provided in a different way than in the past. Education and training systems and occupational classification systems should be based on the skills that different occupations share rather than on the industry sectors to which they belong (McCage and Olson 1995).


NCCTE - Publications - In Brief #13 - Secondary Career Development ...

Dykeman and colleagues (2001) have developed a taxonomy of career development interventions used in U.S. secondary schools that can help practitioners evaluate and improve the effectiveness of guidance programs. They consulted career guidance practitioners, researchers, and literature and identified a comprehensive list of 44 interventions. Each intervention was rated on five variables: time (short term/long term), mode (active/passive), control (adult/youth), place (school/community), and size (group/individual). Cluster analysis produced a taxonomy with four types of interventions: introductory, advising, curriculum based, and work based.

Career Choices  03/04


2002-2003 Central Region Consortium Accomplishments:

Improved linkages among vocational and technical education programs, economic development initiatives, the Statewide Advisory Committees, and statewide discipline/industry collaborative projects; and WIA boards and entities; and  disseminated best practices.   09/03


The Career Center at Portland State University

The Career Center at Portland State University maintains an excellent site that includes Career Center and Internet resources by major, frequently asked questions about majors and careers, and information about the Peace Corps. is Portland State University's very comprehensive career site. Q3, 2003


What Can I Do With A Major In...

A very popular site that lists careers related to majors at the University of North Carolina.  Every career center should have a set of career guides such as these. Specific major site information is printed at the end.  Q3, 2003

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Career Path Assessment:

This is a guide to help you make a decision about your career path so you can develop an educational plan. It's a good place to start looking for information to help make career choices that feel right, to learn about job prospects for various occupations and the education and training necessary, and to explore skills needed to get the job.  Q3, 2003


The Career Interest Game:

This is a game designed to help match interests and skills with similar careers related to the Holland types. Each type links to related careers, but the information is very general. The Occupational Outlook Handbook should be used to obtain more complete information about targeted careers.  Q3, 2003


Career Paths On-line: 10 Steps to the Career Planning Process

You must register, but it is a user-friendly site with the first five steps containing short assessments on personality, interests, values, learning styles, and skills. It can be completed within a two-hour period and leads to careers to research and ways to set goals in the next five steps. It can be used to confirm other inventories, as a supplement to a career class, or by itself.  Q3, 2003


San Francisco State University Career Center: an excellent example of a college career center.

Try starting with the "Student" selection and go to "Career Planning." They have good definitions, as well as samples for resumes and interview techniques. Q3, 2003

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Online Education Resources: (California links), (distance learning classes and educational resources),, classes are online.

If any of you decide that you want to continue your education by taking classes over the Internet, these resources should help you out.  Q3, 2003


Indiana: Site for career planning - with information for secondary and college students and parents:  Q3, 2003


American Measuring Tool and Manufacturing Association,  (AMTMA)
features information on AMTMA, such as:


  • How to join, membership benefits and a history of the association.
  • It also has  two useful features for members and nonmembers alike:
  • A newsletter archive and a directory of member organizations.
  • Quarterly newsletters, each including complete articles for tool manufacturers, a company profile and short news items.
  • The member directory includes contact information and homepage links for dozens of organizations.     06/03


University of Columbia Office of Research  02/03


U.C. Santa Barbara Office of Research 

Office of Research - Home   02/03

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Academic Position Network

University of Minnesota, systemwide homepage  02/03


Bay Area Internship

resources  (www.ccc-infonet)   02/03


California State University Employment Board


Job Links



Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education   01/03


Vocational Research Institute

CareerScope: Career Assessment and Reporting Software   

CareerScope objectively measure both a student’s aptitudes and interests through a series of assessment tasks.  Results can help plan a course of study or career plan.  or call (800) 847.5387. 

Currently, VRI instruments are used in a full spectrum of human development settings including public schools, workforce development centers, correctional facilities, rehabilitation, allied health and medical facilities, private industry, and agencies serving the physically, mentally, socially and educationally challenged.      01/03

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The Association for Career and Technical Education

About ACTE

The Association for Career and Technical Education is the largest national education association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for careers. This area offers information about the history, mission and structure of ACTE, as well as details on our annual awards program and information about how you can participate in the annual observance of Career and Technical Education Week.  01/03

Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTEonline)  01/03


Journal of Industrial Teacher Education ~ Digital Library and Archives

Journals from 1994 through the present.  Articles span over 30 years of primary source research and more.... 

Journal of Industrial Teacher Education

National Association of Industrial and Technical Teacher Educators (ISSN 0022-1864). Permission is given to copy any article or graphic provided credit is given and the copies are not intended for sale.   12/02

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Rationale for Career Education (1973)

By Rupert N. Evans and Gordon McCloskey

This is an attempt to add to the development of such a rationale by examining five of its related parts: need for practice in career decision-making, motivation for learning the material in the school curriculum, the importance of work to society, the changing needs for workers, and the need for preparation for work. 12/02


National Council on Teacher Quality

Your guide to the latest news, analysis, and research on teacher quality policies America's leading source of common sense on teacher quality - Select a state: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Colombia, etc...  09/02


Model Strategies in Bilingual Education: Professional Development

Teacher prep in conjunction with Valley and Chaffey, two community colleges and the University of California, San Bernardino - Fontana Career Ladder: Goals and Context  explained.  09/02



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